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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Textile-reinforced concrete with the use of composite binder based on new types of mineral raw materialsLesovik, V. S.; Glagolev, Е. S.; Popov, D. Y.; Lesovik, G. А.; Ageeva, М. S.
2018The choice of iron-containing filling for composite radioprotective materialMatyukhin, P. V.
2019The Competence of Bachelor Graduates of the High Technical School as the Basis of Professional and Moral Stability of a Future SpecialistSvezhentseva, I. B.; Sharypina, L. A.
2018The energy-efficient facade systems for civic buildingsKosukhin, M. M.; Kosukhin, A. M.
2018The modified composite binder for cement-concrete road surfacesKosukhin, M. M.; Kosukhin, A. M.
2017The Non-uniform Covering Approach to Manipulator Workspace AssessmentRybak, L.; Evtushenko, Yu.; Posypkin, M.; Turkin, A.
2018The role of architectural geonics in creating an architectural spaceLesovik, V. S.; Pershina, I. L.; Degtyarev, D. A.
2018The use of Coanda effect in energy-efficient recirculating aspiration systemsKireev, V. M.; Goltsov, A. B.; Seminenko, A. S.
2018Theoretical backgrounds of non-tempered materials production based on new raw materialsLesovik, V. S.; Volodchenko, A. A.; Glagolev, E. S.; Chernysheva, N. V.; Lashina, I. V.; Feduk, R. S.
2018Theoretical study of cut area of reduction of large surfaces of rotation parts on machines with rotary cutters “Extra”Bondarenko, J. A.; Fedorenko, M. A.; Pogonin, A. A.
2018Theoretical study of the cut area of the reduction of large surfaces of rotation parts on machines with rotary cutters extraBondarenko, J. A.; Fedorenko, M. A.; Pogonin, A. A.
2018Theoretical validation for changing the magnetic fields of systems of permanent magnets of drum separatorsLozovaya, S. Y.; Lozovoy, N. M.; Okunev, A. N.
2018Theory and practice of complex processing of technogenic fibrous materialsSevostyanov, М. V.; Sevostyanov, V. S.; Osokin, А. V.; Martakov, I. G.
2018To the Question of Biogas Combustion in Vortex BurnersSuslov, D. Yu.; Ramazanov, R. S.; Shvydkaya, M. A.
2017To the question of effectiveness of government managementMoiseev, V. V.; Nitsevich, V. F.; Sudorgin, O. A.; Galkina, E. V.
2019Toxic Effect of Fly Ash on Biological EnvironmentKozhukhova, N. I.; Lebedev, M. S.; Vasilenko, M. I.; Goncharova, E. N.
2018Urban conflicts of the Belgorod regional settlement system and its elementsPerkova, M. V.; Baklazhenko, E. V.; Vaytens, A. G.
2017Use of analytical procedures by internal control system in constructionSlabinskaya, I. A.; Tkachenko, Iu. A.
2018Use of rubber crumbs in cement concreteLogvinenko, A. A.
2018Using fuzzy models in machining control system and assessment of sustainabilityGrinek, A. V.; Boychuk, I. P.; Dantsevich, I. M.