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Title: Theoretical backgrounds of non-tempered materials production based on new raw materials
Authors: Lesovik, V. S.
Volodchenko, A. A.
Glagolev, E. S.
Chernysheva, N. V.
Lashina, I. V.
Feduk, R. S.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Abstract: . One of the trends in construction material science is development and implementation of highly effective finish materials which improve architectural exterior of cities. Silicate materials widely-used in the construction today have rather low decorative properties. Different coloring agents are used in order to produce competitive materials, but due to the peculiarities of the production, process very strict specifications are applied to them. The use of industrial wastes or variety of rock materials as coloring agents is of great interest nowadays. The article shows that clay rock can be used as raw material in production of finish materials of non-autoclaved solidification. This raw material due to its material composition actively interacts with cementing component in steam treatment at 90–95 ºС with formation of cementing joints that form a firm coagulative-cristalized and crystallization structure of material providing high physic-mechanical properties of silicate goods. It is determined that energy-saving, colored finish materials with compression strength up to 16 MPa can be produced from clay rocks.
Description: Theoretical backgrounds of non-tempered materials production based on new raw materials / V. S. Lesovik [et al.] // IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering. - 2018. - Vol.327. - 042064.
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