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Title: The modified composite binder for cement-concrete road surfaces
Authors: Kosukhin, M. M.
Kosukhin, A. M.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Abstract: The comparative analysis of motor road surfaces made of cement concrete and asphalt concrete has been carried out. The advantages of cement-concrete road surfaces as compared to the traditionally used asphalt concrete have been shown. The necessity of using cement-concrete road surfaces has been substantiated, with the purpose of meeting the up-to-date requirements of transport safety, service reliability, comfort and environmental compatibility. The factors, which influence the strength and frost resistance of road surfaces, have been noted. A factory-fabricated modified binder based on a new polyfunctional modifier has been suggested, which would allow considerably increasing the strength of cement-concrete road surfaces, and especially their frost-resistance. The experimental data of studying the colloid-chemical properties of the obtained modifier and the technological and performance properties of the binder and the cement concrete based on this modifier have been presented. It has been shown that the presence of individual components with various hydrophilic groups results in the combined plasticizing and air-entraining effects. The resulting modified binder allows obtaining concrete with frost-resistance 800-1000 cycles, which would significantly increase the durability of cement-concrete road surfaces.
Description: Kosukhin M. M. The modified composite binder for cement-concrete road surfaces / M. M. Kosukhin, A. M. Kosukhin // IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering. - 2018. - Vol. 463. - 042036.
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