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Title: Technology of metal-polymeric form-building parts of compression molds
Authors: Lubimyi, N. S.
Chepchurov, M. S.
Teterina, I. A.
Yakovlev, E. A.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
technological process
3D printing
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Published by Atlantis Press
Abstract: The article describes the technology of combined metal-metal-polymer molds to cast plastic products. The economic feasibility of this technology is confirmed by comparing the processing layouts to obtain a mold for the same product, machining and using a metal-polymer as a forming surface material. The values of the main technological time and the prime cost of the mold-forming surface manufacturing by the metal-polymer forming are obtained. The work describes the technology of metal-polymer molding parts with the specifics of the mold closing plane finishing machining and features to obtain product models by layer-by-layer growing with 3D printers. The area ща efficient use of the described technology is determined. The developed technology was tested while manufacturing an "asterisk" product, for which a metal-polymer mold was produced. In the article, there is a link to the video where the test of an "asterisk" product mold is demonstrated.
Description: Technology of metal-polymeric form-building parts of compression molds / N. S. Lubimyi, M. S. Chepchurov, I. A. Teterina, E. A. Yakovlev // Adavnces in Engineering Research (Actual Issues of Mechanical Engineering AIME 2017). - 2017. - Vol.133. - P. 439-444.
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