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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Investigation of the Algorithm Optimization of Electric Power Regimes According to Voltage and Reactive Power With the use of Penalty Functions MethodVolovikov, A. A.; Yudin, A. A.
2018Building Information Model: advantages, tools and adoption efficiencyAbakumov, R. G.; Naumov, A. E.
2018Development of modular control software for construction 3D-printerBazhanov, A.; Yudin, D.; Porkhalo, V.
2018Investigation of methods for calculating duration of light-signal regulation cycleDorokhin, S. V.; Novikov, A. N.; Zelikov, V. A.; Strukov, Y. V.
2018Definition of perspective scheme of organization of traffic using methods of forecasting and modelingVlasov, V. M.; Novikov, A. N.; Novikov, I. A.; Shevtsova, A. G.
2018Development of road soil cement compositions modified with complex additive based on polycarboxylic etherBulanov, P. E.; Vdovin, E. A.; Mavliev, L. F.; Kuznetsov, D. A.
2018Influence of DAD-TA temperature-reducing additive on physical and mechanical properties of bitumen and compaction of asphalt concreteYadykina, V. V.; Akimov, A. E.; Trautvain, A. I.; Kholopov, V. S.
2018Methods of equipment choice in shotcretingSharapov, R. R.; Yadykina, V. V.; Stepanov, M. A.; Kitukov, B. A.
2018Study of strain-stress behavior when reconstructing rotary kiln tyres from floating to welded-in typeShchetinin, N. A.; Duganova, E. V.; Golubenko, N. V.; Novikov, I. A.; Korneev, A. S.
2018Increasing performance of metallurgical plantSharapov, R. R.; Kharlamov, E. V.; Yadykina, V. V.; Yakovlev, E. A.