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Title: Investigation of methods for calculating duration of light-signal regulation cycle
Authors: Dorokhin, S. V.
Novikov, A. N.
Zelikov, V. A.
Strukov, Y. V.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Abstract: The research objective is development of a new approach to determining of mode operation of traffic lights taking into consideration advanced characteristics of traffic flow. It will allow one to decrease transport delay significantly while a vehicle on the way and, using signal control, to increase main parameters on the whole, such as fuel consumption, travel time and traffic speed. The research shows that basic approaches, which are applied nowadays to determine main parameters of traffic lights, do not allow one to take into consideration a number of characteristics of traffic flow, so it leads to many challenges that appear as ineffective using of traffic lights. There is critical transport delay at many controlled crossroads so it can lead to emergence of traffic accidents. The research contributes to the knowledge, studying the experience of using these approaches and, on the basis of their improvement and development of new approaches, allowing one to reduce risks to a minimum. The study also provides an opportunity to expand the scope of further research in this area, combining and applying lessons learned.
Description: Investigation of methods for calculating duration of light-signal regulation cycle / S. V. Dorokhin [et al.] // IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics. - 2018. - Vol.1015. - 032128.
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