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Title: Problems of counteraction to corruption in relationships between authority and society
Authors: Tselyutina, T. V.
Avilova, Zh. N.
Moiseev, V. V.
Nitsevich, V. F.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
authority and business
civil society
expert institutes
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Published by Future Academy
Abstract: The problems of counteraction to the corruption in the Russian Federation are analysed. The authors chose the attitude of the authority to the society as an object of the research. The authors undertook the attempt to not only show the negative effect of corruption illegal actions, but also to determine the main direction of counteraction, including by means of expert institutions and other forms of influence of civil society on the processes of minimisation of the corruption in Russia. Activation of the struggle with corruption is determined by actualisation of the most important functions of expert institutes. These functions include provision of open, reliable information for government agencies; assistance in the early diagnostics and assessment of possible consequences of the made decisions; giving opportunity to the government bodies to extend the information and organisation base of solutions; reaching publicity and other groups of interests or, on their behalf, the government bodies. Besides, there is mediation between citizens and government institutions; involvement of citizens, public organisations in participation in specific political, socio-economic urgent questions; consolidation of the public order; legitimation of political, socio-economic solutions. In addition, they can include attaching legitimacy to state-social life and activity of government bodies; provision of the channel of interaction between “citizens and social structures”, “science and state”, “business structures and government bodies”, expression of public differentiation, the formal lobbying of objectively existing groups of interests on the government bodies and many others. These and other aspects of the problem have been reflected in this paper.
Description: Problems of counteraction to corruption in relationships between authority and society / T. V. Tselyutina [et al.] // NitsevichInternational Conference on Research Paradigsm Transformation in Social Sciences (RPTSS 2017). - 2017. - P. 64-76.
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