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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2017Nanocomposite carbon-bearing sorption materialSapronova, Z. A.; Sverguzova, S. V.; Fomina, E. V.
2018Nanosized carbon modifier used to control plastic deformations of asphalt concreteVysotskaya M.A.; Shekhovtsova S.Yu.; Barkovsky D.V., D.V.
2018New point of view on materials developmentElistratkin, M.Y.; Lesovik, V.S.; Zagorodnjuk, L.H.; Pospelova, E.A.; Shatalova, S.V.
2018New technology and energy-saving equipment for production of composite materialsRomanovich, A. A.; Glagolev, S. N.; Babaevsky, A. N.
2018Numerical approach in defining milling force taking into account curved cutting-edge of applied millsBondarenko, I.R.
2017October revolution: lessons for Russia and the worldMoiseev, V. V.; Nitsevich, V. F.; Guzairov, V. Ch.; Avilova, Zh. N.
2018Particular Qualities of Execution of the Program Component for Energy Resources Management of the Belgorod RegionTrubaev, P. A.; Bulanin, A. V.; Shirrime, K. J.; Koshlich, Yu. A.
2018Peculiarities of binding composition production in vortex jet millZagorodnyuk, L. Kh.; Lesovik, V. S.; Sumskoy, D. A.; Elistratkin, M. Yu.; Makhortov, D. S.
2018Peculiarities of non-autoclaved lime wall materials production using claysVolodchenko, A.A.; Lesovik, V.S.; Cherepanova, I.A.; Volodchenko, A.N.; Zagorodnjuk, L.H.; Elistratkin, M.Y.
2018Peculiarities of physical and chemical processes of clinker formation in raw mixes with increased content of magnesium oxide in presence of barite wasteNovoselova, I.N.; Novosyolov, A.G.
2017Perspectives of application of aerated concrete for 3D building printingLesovik, V.; Elistratkin, M.; Glagolev, E.; Absimetov, M.; Ermolaeva, A.
2018Perspectives of construction robotsStepanov, M.A.; Gridchin, A.M.
2018Physical basis of destruction of concrete and other building materialsSuleymanova, L.A.; Pogorelova, I.A.; Kirilenko, S.V.; Suleymanov, K.A
2017Plasma-chemical modification of concrete processed by colorific metal saltsBondarenko, D.O.; Bondarenko, N.I.; Burlakov, N.M.; Bessmertnyi, V.S.
2018Plaster-based magnetite composite materials in constructionKlimenko, V.G.; Kashin, G.A.; Prikaznova, T.A.
2017Polyfunctional modifier for bio-corrosion resistant high-performance fine-aggregate concretesPoluektova, V.A.; Mukhacheva, V.D.
2018Porous materials based on foaming solutions obtained from industrial wasteStarostina, I.V.; Antipova, A.N.; Ovcharova, I.V.; Starostina, Yu.L.
2018Power calculation of grading device in desintegratorBogdanov, V. S.; Semikopenko, I. A.; Vavilov, D. V.
2018Precise method for calculating quantity of repetitive trials // IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering.Bojko, A.F.; Puzacheva, E.I.; Duyun, T.A
2018Problem Tasks in the Field of Resource and Energy Saving TechnologiesSivachenko, L. A.; Sevostyanov, V. S.; Il’ina, T. N.