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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20187 причин учиться в "Технологе"-
2018Accuracy estimation of mill pin machining with desk-side toolsBondarenko, J. A.; Sanina, T. M.; Bestuzheva, O. V.
2018Acoustic factor in the formation of architectural spaceLesovik, V. S.; Pershina, I. L.
2018Activated mineral powders for asphalt concrete mixtureKuznetsov D. A.; Lukash E. A.
2017Algorithms for building products using 3D printing with cable-suspended robotRybak, L. A.; Malyshev, D. I.; Gaponenko, E. V.
2018Algorithms of the Minimum Spanning Tree in Gas Supply SystemsTemnikov, D. O.; Suslov, D. Yu.
2018Analysis of axial forces of heavy-duty harmonic gear driveStrelnikov, V. N.; Sukov, M. G.
2018Analysis of MSW Combustion Temperature in a hot Water Boiler with the Low-capacityKornilova, N. V.; Trubaev, P. A.
2018Analysis of possible designs of processing units with radial plasma flowsKolesnik, V. V.; Zaitsev, S. V.; Vashilin, V. S.; Limarenko, M. V.; Prochorenkov, D. S.
2018Analysis of thermal calculation of heating devices with meteorological climate peculiaritiesSeminenko, A. S.; Elistratova, Y. V.; Pererva, M. I.; Moiseev, M. V.
2018Analytical dependences of motion of working part in inertial cone crusherBogdanov, V. S.; Fadin, Yu. M.; Vasilenko, O. S.; Demchenko, C. E.; Trubaeva, V. A.
2018Anisotropic thermoelectric properties of Bi1.9Lu0.1Te2.7Se0.3 textured via spark plasma sinteringVasil'ev, A.; Yaprintsev, M.; Ivanov, O.; Danshina, E.
2018Application of Biomethane for Gas Suplly Within the SettlementsSuslov, D. Yu.
2018Application of mathematical model methods for optimization tasks in construction materials technologyFomina, E. V.; Kozhukhova, N. I.; Sverguzova, S. V.; Fomin, A. E.
2018Approach on improving the performance of thermal insulating and acoustic glass compositesLesovik, V. S.; Bessonov, I. V.; Bulgakov, B. I.; Larsen, O. A.; Puchka, O. V.; Vaysera, S. S.
2018Aspects of transport system management within mining complex using information and telecommunication systemsSemykina, A. S.; Zagorodniy, N. A.; Konev, A. A.; Duganova, E. V.
2018Asphalt concrete modified by rubber crumbs in transport constructionDuhovny, G. S.; Karpenko, A. V.
2017Assesment of Costs for Utilization of Amorphous Magnesite By-Products in Complex ProductionDomozhirova, O. V.; Slabinskaya, I. A.
2017Assessment of progressive collapse of operated buildings and structures based upon structural damageLesovik, R. V.; Merkulov, S. I.; Tatarenkov, A. I.
2017Assessment of the integration climate of countries as a tool for the formation of strategic business partnershipsStarikova, M. S.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.; Luksha, I. M.; Rastopchina, Y. L.; Kovaleva, E. I.