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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Calculation of energy costs of composite biomass stirring at biogas stationsSuslov, D. Yu.; Temnikov, D. O.
2017Calculation of fixing element of metal-polymeric mold-forming surface of mold in metal cageLubimyi, N.S.; Chepchurov, M.S.; Voronenko, V.P.; Evtushenko, E.I.
2018Carbonate-containing precipitate of sugar production from sugar beet as filler for polymer concreteSapronova, Zh.; Sverguzova, S.; Fomina, E.; Fokina, E.
2017Civil activism in local communities: motivation of participance, performance and resource relationshipShavyrina, I. V.; Reutov, E. V.; Reutova, M. N.; Demenenko, I. A.
2017Competitiveness management mechanism of industrial enterprise under conditions of import substitution policyShchetinina, E. D.; Ponomareva, T. N.; Dubino, N. I.; Dubrovina, T. A..
2018Complex modeling of technological processes in pneumatic mixers for the production of dry construction mixturesOrekhova, T. N.; Nosov, O.A.; Prokopenko, V.S.; Kachaev, A.E.
2017Complex study of modified binder propertiesNelubova, V.V.; Singh, L.P.; Pengkun, Hou; Bondarenko, D.O.; Strokova, V.V.; Netsvet, D.D.
2018Composite Gypsum Binders with Silica-containing AdditivesChernysheva, N.V.; Lesovik, V.S.; Drebezgova, M.Yu.; Shatalova, S.V.; Alaskhanov, A.H
2017Comprehensive use of waste after beneficiation of magnetite fraction by floatationShapovalov, N.A.; Gorodov, A.I.; Schekina, A.Y.; Krayniy, A.A.; Zagorodnyuk, L.K.
2018Connectivity of glass structure. Oxygen number // IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and EngineeringMin'ko, N.I.; Medvedev, E.F.
2018Constructive and Technological Features of Units for Milling Polymer MaterialSevostyanov, V.S.; Goryagin, P.Y.; Sevostyanov, M.S.; Ermilov, R.A.
2017Customer-oriented approach as management technology of high school developmentGusairov, V. S.; Galina, B. K.; Shavyrina, I. V.; Demenenko, I. A.
2011Cпособ определения реакций между щелочами и заполнителемРахимбаев, Ш. М.; Толыпина, Н. М.
2018Definition of perspective scheme of organization of traffic using methods of forecasting and modelingVlasov, V.M.; Novikov, A.N.; Novikov, I.A.; Shevtsova, A.G.
2018Designing energy-efficient aspiration hoods used for protection during reloading of moldings compounds at casting shops of machine-building enterprisesKireev, V. M.; Goltsov, A. B.; Minko, V. A.; Buryanov, I. A.
2018Detection of network attacks based on adaptive resonance theotyBukhanov, D.G.; Polyakov, V.M.
2017Determination of necessary geometric parameters of tripod robot workspace, taking into account zones of singularityRybak, L.A.; Khalapyan, S.Y.; Malyshev, D.I.
2018Determination of rational parameters for process of grinding materials pre-crushed by pressure in ball millRomanovich, A. A.; Romanovich, L. G.; Chekhovskoy, E. I.
2018Development of a graphical method for choosing the optimal mode of traffic lightNovikov, A. N.; Katunin, A. A.; Novikov, I. A.; Kravchenko, A. A.; Shevtscova, A. G.
2017Development of control system of hot water supply solar plantBelousov, A.V.; Koshlich, Y.A.; Stan, V.K.