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Title: Customer-oriented approach as management technology of high school development
Authors: Gusairov, V. S.
Galina, B. K.
Shavyrina, I. V.
Demenenko, I. A.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
Customer-oriented approach
higher school
business partnership
higher education
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Published by Future Academy
Abstract: The paper is devoted to the study of directions of improving competitiveness of a higher educational institution. The authors emphasise the role of business-communities in formation of a new model of higher education on the basis of partnership of higher schools and business communities. A customer-orientation paradigm of the higher school, aimed, first of all, at development of partnership relations between the higher school and the business-community, possibilities of higher school entrance to an international arena of the educational market, and as a consequence, reorientation of the higher educational institution to the demand of the main consumers of higher school services, was considered by the authors as a reference point. The specificity of the customer-oriented approach in the context of the study consists in consideration of the student’s role as a main link of an educational process, one’s professional, organisational and social socialization in the process of study at the higher educational institution. The customer-oriented approach as a management technology of development of the higher school is built on the principles of identification of customers, provision of customers’ adherence to the organisation by means of formation of corresponding models of teaching organisational culture, differentiation of customers and personalization. Development of a joint strategy of higher schools and the business-community, aimed at clear description of priority directions and final results of joint activity taking into account specific peculiarities of performance of higher schools and the business community.
Description: Customer-oriented approach as management technology of high school development / V. S. Gusairov [et al.] // International Conference on Research Paradigsm Transformation in Social Sciences (RPTSS 2017). - 2017. - P. 445-455.
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