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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Peculiarities of the dielectric properties of ternary 0.5(Y0.1Zr0.9O2) –0.5(0.6SrTiO3 – 0.4BiScO3) ceramic systemIvanov, O.; Danshina, Е.
2018Electric field effect on variable-range hopping conductivity in Bi1.9Lu0.1Te3Ivanova, O.; Yaprintsev, M.; Danshina, E.
2018On Enhancing the Thermal Stability of Metal Hydrides by Ion–Plasma Vacuum Magnetron SputteringPavlenko, V. I.; Cherkashina, N. I.; Yastrebinsky, R. N.; Demchenko, O. V.
2018Anisotropic thermoelectric properties of Bi1.9Lu0.1Te2.7Se0.3 textured via spark plasma sinteringVasil'ev, A.; Yaprintsev, M.; Ivanov, O.; Danshina, E.
2018Plasma-chemical modification of concreteBondarenko, D. O.; Bessmertnyi, V. S.; Bondarenko, N. I.; Strokova, V. V.
2018Peculiarities of fuel burning in dry and wet cement production kilnsKonovalov, V. M.; Klassen, V. K.; Pereskok, S. A.; Novosyolov, A. G.
2018Effective heat-insulating solutionsZagorodnuk, L. Kh.; Sumskoy, D. A.; Chepenko, A. S.
2018The role of architectural geonics in creating an architectural spaceLesovik, V. S.; Pershina, I. L.; Degtyarev, D. A.
2018Effect of morphology of raw resources of the north caucasus, used in the production of astringent low water requirements, on the strength characteristics of fiber-reinforced concreteDrokov, A. V.; Kurbatov, V. L.
2018Scientific and theoretical fundamentals of alumina-silicate binding agent design on the basis of technogenic raw materials used to produce non-autoclaved silicate materialsVolodchenko, A. A.; Lesovik, V. S.; Volodchenko, A. N.