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Title: Deviations in the Verbal Behavior of the Students: Sources and Mechanisms of Counteraction
Authors: Mogutova, O. A.
Zamaraeva, M. V.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
verbal behavior
speech culture
sources and factors of foul language
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Atlantis Press
Abstract: Abstract— This article analyzes the sources of such deviations as foul language in the verbal behavior of the students. The study of social behavior of a person and, in particular, speech, i.e., verbal, the identification of mechanisms to counteract deviations in this behavior which determine the dynamics of transformations in the context of the Russian sociocultural space, is becoming one of the most important tasks of management sociology. Students of high schools, colleges and universities are chosen as the object of study, as they are outgoing generation change. Studying the speech behavior of this social group not only represents the situation of the current moment but also provides an opportunity to see the trends of the future without which management is impossible. This is particularly true for negative trends.
Description: Mogutova O. A. Deviations in the Verbal Behavior of the Students: Sources and Mechanisms of Counteraction / O. A. Mogutova, M. V. Zamaraeva // Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research. - 2018. - Vol. 47. - P. 1047-1050.
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