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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Plasma-chemical modification of concrete processed by colorific metal saltsBondarenko, D. O.; Bondarenko, N. I.; Burlakov, N. M.; Bessmertnyi, V. S.
2017From nano-scale to macrostructure in composite for additive technologiesPoluektova, V. A.; Shapovalov, N. A.; Vladykin, V. N.
2017Intensification of synthesis processes of clinker minerals in presence of coal-alkaline additiveBushueva, N. P.; Panova, O. A.; Besedin, P. V.
2017Polyfunctional modifier for bio-corrosion resistant high-performance fine-aggregate concretesPoluektova, V. A.; Mukhacheva, V. D.
2017Complex study of modified binder propertiesNelubova, V. V.; Singh, L. P.; Pengkun, Hou; Bondarenko, D. O.; Strokova, V. V.; Netsvet, D. D.
2017Comprehensive use of waste after beneficiation of magnetite fraction by floatationShapovalov, N. A.; Gorodov, A. I.; Schekina, A. Y.; Krayniy, A. A.; Zagorodnyuk, L. K.
2017Flowability and durability of cement containing technological additives during grinding processShahova, L. D.; Chernositova, E. S.; Denisova, J. V.
2018Methods of equipment choice in shotcretingSharapov, R. R.; Yadykina, V. V.; Stepanov, M. A.; Kitukov, B. A.
2018Aspects of transport system management within mining complex using information and telecommunication systemsSemykina, A. S.; Zagorodniy, N. A.; Konev, A. A.; Duganova, E. V.
2018Development of a graphical method for choosing the optimal mode of traffic lightNovikov, A. N.; Katunin, A. A.; Novikov, I. A.; Kravchenko, A. A.; Shevtscova, A. G.