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Title: Intensification of synthesis processes of clinker minerals in presence of coal-alkaline additive
Authors: Bushueva, N. P.
Panova, O. A.
Besedin, P. V.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
portland cement
coalalkaline additive
possibility of formation
solid-phase reactions
heat effect
thermodynamic analysis
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Published by Atlantis Press
Abstract: When preparing cement raw slurry, in order to regulate its aggregative stability and flowability, a coal-alkaline additive is used, which not only changes the surface properties of disperse particles, but also intensifies the portland cement clinker synthesis process. Adding of coal-alkaline reagent into the raw mix allows not only reducing the viscosity of the slurry and improving its fluidity, but also lowering the temperature of clay minerals dehydration and СаСО3 decarbonization and the substances interaction processes in the solid phase proceed as a result at the temperature under 1250-1270 °С. Thermodynamic calculations have allowed theoretically confirming the efficiency of this additive’s application. A considerable amount of the released heat in the temperature interval of 200-452 С intensifies the removal of the chemically bound water from clay minerals and contributes to the destruction of their crystalline lattices, which is eventually good for reducing the specific fuel consumption. Thermodynamic calculations have also confirmed the possibility of the formation process of clinker minerals at relatively low temperatures in the presence of the additive and allowed evaluating the role of certain components of the additive in this process. The calculation data of ΔGТо indicate the increase of the system’s stability when using coal-alkaline reagent.
Description: Bushueva N. P. Intensification of synthesis processes of clinker minerals in presence of coal-alkaline additive / N. P. Bushueva, O. A. Panova, P. V. Besedin // Adavnces in Engineering Reeseach (Actual Issues of Mechanical Engineering AIME 2017). - 2017. - Vol.133. - P. 579-584.
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