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Title: Stressed state of heavy-duty harmonic gear drive flexspline
Authors: Strelnikov, V. N.
Sukov, M. G.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
wave generator
gear ring
power factors
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Abstract: The topicality of research is determined by the progress trend in the development of the gearing technology consisting in the upgrading of power transmissions based on the multi-threaded power and kinematic principles of the rotation transmission. Maximum efficiency is characteristic of the harmonic gear drives that feature a wide range of gear ratios from 80 to 400 in one stage and low weight-and-dimensional characteristics. The solution of the problem of the stressed state elasticity of the most heavily loaded segment – flexspline of the heavy-duty harmonic gear drive improves the quality of design engineering works, enhances reliability, increases unit power and capacity as well as competitive properties of machines for mining complexes. The purpose of research is to increase the load capacity of heavy-duty harmonic gear drives through the improvement of the theoretical and experimental methods and procedures, evaluation of their power and strength properties, implementation of scientific results in the innovative design solutions. Target of research – power factors, strains and stresses that are brought about in the flexspline when interacting with the wave generator and circular spline of the heavy-duty harmonic gear drive.
Description: Strelnikov V. N. Stressed state of heavy-duty harmonic gear drive flexspline / V. N. Strelnikov, M. G. Sukov // International Conference on Aviamechanical Engineering and Transport (AviaENT 2018). Advances in Engineering Research. - 2018. - Vol.158. - P. 391-398.
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