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Title: Space connection investigation of functionally dependent knots in rotating assemblies
Authors: Bondarenko, J. A.
Fedorenko, M. A.
Sanina, T. M.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
large-sized rotating equipment
machine part
coordinate system
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Abstract: Nowadays industry development depends on the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and new methods of equipment utilization. The issues of energy-saving, productivity increase, reliability, and equipment longevity are especially acute. Revealing regularities and development of mathematical models for 3D position accuracy of functionally dependent objects and mechanisms of rotating assemblies will give a possibility to develop technologies on their bases which will provide maintainability and the required precision of these assemblies.
Description: Bondarenko J. A. Space connection investigation of functionally dependent knots in rotating assemblies / J. A. Bondarenko, M. A. Fedorenko, T. M. Sanina // International Conference "Actual Issues of Mechanical Engineering" (AIME 2018). Advances in Engineering Research (AER). - 2018. - Vol.157. - P. 111–116.
Appears in Collections:Mechanical-engineering technology. Robotic technology and mechatronic

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