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Title: Radiation and Protective Polymeric Dielectric Aggregates with Effect of the Active Protection
Authors: Yastrebinsky, R .N.
Pavlenko, A. V.
Yastrebinskaya, A. V.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
solid-phase compaction
polymer matrix
bismuth polyethylsilicone
dielectric composites
active protection
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Abstract: In case of electrical breakdown of dielectrics electromagnetic interferences can destabilize operation of the electronic equipment and instruments of aerospace complexes. In the conditions of space flight the initiated electrobit phenomena as a result of high-energy ionizing radiation, solar flashouts and radiation belts of Earth, finally, lead to corrupting of dielectric materials, especially polymeric materials and aggregates. In operation the possibility of receiving constructional dielectric polymeric aggregates capable to remove the accumulated excess electrical charge, for protection of jackets of the electronic equipment of space aircraft is shown. Materials are received in the way joint dispersion of a polymeric matrix and reactive hydrophobic metallooligomer in the form of nanodispersible powders in a polymer melt with the subsequent solid-phase compaction under pressure. As the active fillers of polymeric aggregates high-dispersible radiation-hardened metallooligomer on the basis of bismuth polietilsilikonat, capable to be sewed chemically with polymeric matrixes as a result of radiation solid-phase polymerization are used.
Description: Yastrebinsky R. N. Radiation and Protective Polymeric Dielectric Aggregates with Effect of the Active Protection / R. N. Yastrebinsky, A. V. Pavlenko, A. V. Yastrebinskaya // 15th International School-Conference “New materials – Materials of innovative energy: development, characterization methods and application”. - KnE Life Sciences. - 2018. - P. 369-377.
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