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Title: Competitiveness management mechanism of industrial enterprise under conditions of import substitution policy
Authors: Shchetinina, E. D.
Ponomareva, T. N.
Dubino, N. I.
Dubrovina, T. A..
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
Competitiveness assessment
import substitution policy
competitiveness of industrial enterprise
economic entity competitiveness
food embargo
national economy
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Published by Future Academy
Abstract: In this paper, the method of assessment of economic entity competitiveness in modern conditions of applying the import substitution policy by the Russian leadership is considered. Foreign experience of using the import substitution policy and its influence on the country’s national economy are also analysed. The authors of the paper suggest a mechanism of competitive recovery of an industrial enterprise as an economic entity under condition of import substitution. In addition, the authors consider in detail the method of assessing competitiveness, based on researching the works of greatest scholars in the economy field. The main purpose of the paper is to preserve competitive sides of the economic entity, and in some cases, to increase competitiveness of the enterprise. The examples of application of the import substitution policy, which, during the long-term use, leads to the competitiveness reduction in the home market, are given. The authors consider the application of import substitution by the leadership of Belgorod region. An extensive literature review on the problem of assessing the competitiveness of industrial enterprises in modern conditions, as well as on the problem of realisation of the import substitution policy, is conducted. In addition, during development of the mechanism of competitive recovery of industrial enterprises under conditions of realisation of import substitution policy, the authors have taken into account the foreign experience, during analysis of which it has been revealed that longterm application of import substitution leads to the reduction of internal competitiveness and national security.
Description: Competitiveness management mechanism of industrial enterprise under conditions of import substitution policy / E. D. Shchetinina [et al.] // International Conference on Research Paradigsm Transformation in Social Sciences (RPTSS 2017). - 2017. - P. 1163-1172.
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