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Title: Modified binders on the basis of flotation tailings
Authors: Shapovalov, N. A.
Zagorodnyuk, L. Kh.
Shchekina, A. Yu.
Gorodov, A. I.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Abstract: The article proposes compositions of efficient modified composite binders on the basis of portland cement and flotation tailings; the new binders attain the ultimate compressive stress that is twice as high as that of the cement stone. At that, use of annually growing volume of flotation tailings in the production of the composite binder is a rational way for recycling this type of waste and allows saving the planet's natural resources.
Description: Modified binders on the basis of flotation tailings / N. A. Shapovalov [et al.] // IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering. - 2018. - Vol.327. - 032050.
Appears in Collections:Chemistry, chemical technology and special purposed composites

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