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Title: Student self-fulfillment at enterprises as activating factor of high-tech economic sector
Authors: Doroshenko, Yu. A.
Shutenko, A. I.
Shutenko, E. N.
Ospishchev, P. I.
Somina, I. V.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
Small innovative enterprise
high-tech business
trends of students’ self-fulfillment
human-focused model of small innovative business
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Published by Future Academy
Abstract: The humanitarian aspects of activity of small innovative enterprises for high-tech sector established on university base are considered. The authors reveal essence of students’ self-fulfillment in work of these enterprises, and also the main psychological trends of self-fulfillment, such as: a personal involvement into high-tech activity, realization of internal capacities and potential, social cooperation into scientific work and innovation projects. The human-focused model of small business development in university infrastructure combines two levels of activity: subjective and imperative. The first level reveals the attributive manifestations of students’ self-fulfillment, the second level is constructed above it and contains the implementation regulations of innovative entrepreneurship, realizing these signs. The presented model provides the main psychological trends of students' self-fulfillment by inculcating of the humanitarian standards of using high-tech technologies in the entrepreneurial activity of the university. Such approach to the development of a culture of small innovative business in the university environment provides more fully integration of scientific, highly technical, commercial and educational practices. Students receive not only knowledge, but also the experience of innovative entrepreneurship; they become developers and implementers of various know-how the field of high-tech business, which significantly enriches their personality and allows them to successfully advance in their future profession and career.
Description: Student self-fulfillment at enterprises as activating factor of high-tech economic sector / Yu. A. Doroshenko [et al.] // International Conference on Research Paradigsm Transformation in Social Sciences (RPTSS 2017). - 2017. - P. 1297-1307.
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