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Название: Hydraulic stability of heat networks for connection of new consumers
Авторы: Seminenko, A. S.
Sheremet, E. O.
Gushchin, S. V.
Elistratova, J. V.
Kireev, V. M.
Ключевые слова: Аuthors of BSTU
Дата публикации: 2018
Издательство: IOP Publishing
Краткий осмотр (реферат): Nowadays due to intensive urban construction, there is a need to connect new consumers to existing heating networks. Often the connection of new consumers leads to a hydraulic misalignment of the network, which in turn affects supplying existing consumers with heat. In order to minimize the possibility of misalignment, appropriate recommendations are needed that can be obtained during the research. In the article, the authors carried out a required experiment aimed at revealing the influence of the new consumers’ connection on the hydraulic stability of the entire network. The result of the research is relevant recommendations that will be useful for engineering specialists both for the design of new networks and the reconstruction of the old ones.
Описание: Hydraulic stability of heat networks for connection of new consumers / A. S. Seminenko [et al.] // IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering. - 2018. - Vol.327. - 042105.
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Располагается в коллекциях:Heat and gas supply and ventilation

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