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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Psychological Potentials of Modern ICT as A Tool for Ensuring Students’ Self-Fulfillment and Personal Well-Being in University EducationShutenko, E.; Shadrina, I.; Gushchina, A.; Ivanischeva, O.; Koreneva, A.; Shutenko, A.
2017Competitiveness management mechanism of industrial enterprise under conditions of import substitution policyShchetinina, E. D.; Ponomareva, T. N.; Dubino, N. I.; Dubrovina, T. A..
2017October revolution: lessons for Russia and the worldMoiseev, V. V.; Nitsevich, V. F.; Guzairov, V. Ch.; Avilova, Zh. N.
2017Problems of counteraction to corruption in relationships between authority and societyTselyutina, T. V.; Avilova, Zh. N.; Moiseev, V. V.; Nitsevich, V. F.
2017State policy of formation of wages budget in RussiaMoisees, V. V.; Sudorgin, O. A.; Nirtsevich, V. F.; Glagolev, S. N.
2017To the question of effectiveness of government managementMoiseev, V. V.; Nitsevich, V. F.; Sudorgin, O. A.; Galkina, E. V.
2017Important aspects of forming and realization of region’s innovation strategiesMalykhina, I. O.; Somina, I. V.; Moiseev, V. V.; Glagoltva, N. N.
2017Russian labor protection legislation of women and children of XIX centurySmolenskaya, O. A.; Zaitseva, T. A.; Vlasova, E. A.
2017Diagnostic of customer-centeredness of university organizational cultureShavyrina, I. V.; Demenenko, I. A.; Reutova, M. N.
2017Student self-fulfillment at enterprises as activating factor of high-tech economic sectorDoroshenko, Yu. A.; Shutenko, A. I.; Shutenko, E. N.; Ospishchev, P. I.; Somina, I. V.