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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Analysis of thermal calculation of heating devices with meteorological climate peculiaritiesSeminenko, A. S.; Elistratova, Y. V.; Pererva, M. I.; Moiseev, M. V.
2018Constructive and Technological Features of Units for Milling Polymer MaterialSevostyanov, V. S.; Goryagin, P. Y.; Sevostyanov, M. S.; Ermilov, R. A.
2018Theoretical validation for changing the magnetic fields of systems of permanent magnets of drum separatorsLozovaya, S. Y.; Lozovoy, N. M.; Okunev, A. N.
2018Problem Tasks in the Field of Resource and Energy Saving TechnologiesSivachenko, L. A.; Sevostyanov, V. S.; Il’ina, T. N.
2018Research and Development of Technical Means for Liquid Oil CleaningSevostyanov, V. S.; Shinkarev, L. I.; Belykh, M. M.
2018Research kinetic of motion of milling bodies in ball mill, outfit heat-exchange unit and calculation of its energy performanceRomanovich, A. A.; Romanovich, M. A.; Apukhtina, I. V.
2018Kinematical simulation of robotic complex operation for implementing full-scale additive technologies of high-end materials, composites, structures, and buildingsAntsiferov, S. I.; Eltsov, M. Iu.; Khakhalev, P. A.
2018Mathematical modeling of load's movement in lifter of intramill recirculation device inside tubular millLatyshev, S. S.; Voronov, V. V.; Bogdanov, V. S.; Fadin, Y. M.; Bazhanova, O. I.; Maslovskaya, A. N.
2018Determination of rational parameters for process of grinding materials pre-crushed by pressure in ball millRomanovich, A. A.; Romanovich, L. G.; Chekhovskoy, E. I.
2018Simulation in production of open rotor propellers: from optimal surface geometry to automated control of mechanical treatmentGrinyok, A.; Boychuk, I.; Perelygin, D.; Dantsevich, I.