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Найденные ресурсы:
Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2018New technology and energy-saving equipment for production of composite materialsRomanovich, A. A.; Glagolev, S. N.; Babaevsky, A. N.
2018Peculiarities of physical and chemical processes of clinker formation in raw mixes with increased content of magnesium oxide in presence of barite wasteNovoselova, I.N.; Novosyolov, A.G.
2018Modeling of thermal mode of drying special purposes ceramic products in batch action chamber dryersLukianov, E. S.; Lozovaya, S. Yu.; Lozovoy, N. M.
2018Production of high-quality polydisperse construction mixes for additive 3D technologiesGerasimov, M. D.; Brazhnik, Yu. V.; Gorshkov, P. S.; Latyshev, S. S.
2018Methods to improve efficiency of production technology of the innovative composite cementing materialsBabaevsky, A. N.; Romanovich, A. A.; Glagolev, E. S.
2018The choice of iron-containing filling for composite radioprotective materialMatyukhin, P.V.
2018Research of the value of linear distortion of renewable surface of part during rotary processing of bulky items without dismantling unitBondarenko, J. A.; Fedorenko, M. A.; Pogonin, A. A.
2018Influence of Hydrothermal Treatment on Crystalline Form of SiO2 Synthesized by Sol-Gel MethodPavlenko, V.I.; Cherkashina, N.I.; Demkina, L.N.
2018Synthesis and identification of parameters of regenerative device for reversing link with increasing speedDubinin, N.N.; Mikhailichenko, S.A.; Goncharov S.I.
2018Complex modeling of technological processes in pneumatic mixers for the production of dry construction mixturesOrekhova, T. N.; Nosov, O.A.; Prokopenko, V.S.; Kachaev, A.E.