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Title: Why Russia Cannot Become the Country of Prosperity
Authors: Nitsevich, V. F.
Moiseev, V. V.
Sudorgin, O. A.
Stroev, V. V.
Keywords: Authors of BSTU
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Abstract: Abstract. The citizens of any country in the world dream of living in a prosperous country, where the high level and quality of life of all its inhabitants, not just the rich. In Russia, ordinary people have small requests: to have a favorite job and earn well, have a roof over their heads, get education, raise children, go to resorts every year to improve their health, etc. The Russian political leadership is aware of these aspirations of the population and is trying to change the situation for the better: "It is investments in people that are the priority of public policy and the priority of state budget expenditures: improving the effectiveness of education systems, health care, pensions, creating incentives and tools for improving living conditions. It is these sectors that should become generators of domestic demand, causing growth in many other sectors - in science, research and development, in industry and infrastructure, "the Government's Anti-Crisis Program [1]. In this article, the authors have attempted to show why Russia can not yet become a prosperous country, which prevents it from developing the economy and the social sphere in such a way as to meet the criteria of a developed state.
Description: Why Russia Cannot Become the Country of Prosperity / V. F. Nitsevich [et al.] // IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science. - 2019. - Vol. 272. - 032148.
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