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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Samsung Upgrade – выгода или маркетинг?Доможирова, О. В.; Старокожева, А. В.
2018Scientific and theoretical fundamentals of alumina-silicate binding agent design on the basis of technogenic raw materials used to produce non-autoclaved silicate materialsVolodchenko, A. A.; Lesovik, V. S.; Volodchenko, A. N.
2018Sewage treatment in megacities by modified chestnut tree wasteSapronova, Zh.; Sverguzova, S.; Sulim, K.; Svyatchenko, A.; Chebotaeva, E.
2018Simplified algorithm for numerical solution of liquid flow equationsKuznetsov, V. A.
2018Simulation in production of open rotor propellers: from optimal surface geometry to automated control of mechanical treatmentGrinyok, A.; Boychuk, I.; Perelygin, D.; Dantsevich, I.
2019SMM как современный способ повышения эффективности маркетингаДубино, Н. В.; Шульман, М. И.
2018Solution of task related to control of swiss-type automatic lathe to get planes parallel to part axisTabekina, N. A.; Chepchurov, M. S.; Evtushenko, E. I.; Dmitrievsky, B. S.
2019Some Extrinsic Motivational Factors for Learning Critical Foreign LanguagesAtitsogbui, E. N.; Garagulya, S. I.; Atitsogbui, R. M. K.
2018Space connection investigation of functionally dependent knots in rotating assembliesBondarenko, J. A.; Fedorenko, M. A.; Sanina, T. M.
2019Special Aspects in Controlling Innovation Activities of EnterpriseArskaya, E. V.; Usatova, L. V.
2017State policy of formation of wages budget in RussiaMoisees, V. V.; Sudorgin, O. A.; Nirtsevich, V. F.; Glagolev, S. N.
2018Strategy of the Partnership of University and Business Communities as a Factor of Sustainable Social and Economic Development of the RegionShavyrina, I. V.; Demenenko, I. A.; Totskaya, I. V.
2018Strength Parameters of Sagged Loess Soils during the SoakingKalachuk, T. G.; Chernysh, A. S.
2018Stressed state of heavy-duty harmonic gear drive flexsplineStrelnikov, V. N.; Sukov, M. G.
2017Student self-fulfillment at enterprises as activating factor of high-tech economic sectorDoroshenko, Yu. A.; Shutenko, A. I.; Shutenko, E. N.; Ospishchev, P. I.; Somina, I. V.
2018Study of abrasive wear process of lining of grinding chamber of vortex-acoustic disperserPerelygin, D. N.
2018Study of device for precompaction and uniform supply of materials to working bodies of aggregateRomanovich, A. A.; Kolesnikov, R. S.; Romanovich, M. A.
2018Study of strain-stress behavior when reconstructing rotary kiln tyres from floating to welded-in typeShchetinin, N. A.; Duganova, E. V.; Golubenko, N. V.; Novikov, I. A.; Korneev, A. S.
2017Study of structure formation in bitumen-mineral compositions based on fly ash under water saturationLebedev, M. S.; Chulkova, I. L.
2021Study of the dynamics of the exoskeleton actuating unitIssabekov, Zh. N.; Moroz, K. A.; Kerimzhanova, M. F.