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Дата выпускаНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2018Features of Determining Criteria of Similarity for Frequency of Electric DrivesAverbukh, M. A .; Khvorostenko, S. V.
2017Features of structural formation and properties of technogenic raw materials in construction material productionRubanov, Y. K.; Tokach, Y. E.; Evtushenko, E. I.
2018Fine-grain concrete from mining waste for monolithic constructionLesovik, R. V.; Ageeva, M. S.; Lesovik, G. A.; Sopin, D. M.; Kazlitina, O. V.; Mitrokhin, A. A.
2017Flowability and durability of cement containing technological additives during grinding processShahova, L.D.; Chernositova, E.S.; Denisova, J.V.
2018Flowability of cement powderShahova, L.D.; Chernositova, E.S.; Denisova, J.V.
2018Fly Ash Impact From Thermal power Stations on the EnvironmentKozhukhova, N.I.; Lebedev, M.S.; Vasilenko, M.I.; Goncharova, E.N.
2017From nano-scale to macrostructure in composite for additive technologiesPoluektova, V. A.; Shapovalov, N. A.; Vladykin, V. N.
2018From path models to commands during additive printing of large-scale architectural designsChepchurov, M.S.; Zhukov, E.M.; Yakovlev, E.A.; Matveykin, V.G.
2017Functional State Assessment During Physical Education Classes By Experimental MethodEgorov, D. E.; Kramskoy, S. I.; Amelchenko, I. A.
2018High-quality poly-dispersed mixtures applied in additive 3D technologiesGerasimov, M. D.; Brazhnik, Yu. V.; Gorshkov, P. S.; Latyshev, S. S.
2018High-quality poly-dispersed mixtures applied in additive 3D technologiesGerasimov, M.D.; Brazhnik, Yu.V.; Gorshkov, P.S.; Latyshev, S.S.
2018Hydraulic stability of heat networks for connection of new consumersSeminenko, A.S.; Sheremet, E.O.; Gushchin, S.V.; Elistratova, J.V.; Kireev, V.M.
2017Identification of building heating systems as controlled objects within automated heat supply stationsSoldatenkov, A. S.; Potapenko, E. A.; Parashchuk, O. V.
2018Impact of foamed matrix components on foamed concrete propertiesTarasenko, V. N.
2018Impact of oscillations of shafts on machining accuracy using non-stationary machinesFedorenko, M. A.; Bondarenko, J. A.; Pogonin, A. A.
2017Important aspects of forming and realization of region’s innovation strategiesMalykhina, I. O.; Somina, I. V.; Moiseev, V. V.; Glagoltva, N. N.
2017Improvement of thermal processing during product manufacture at small enterprisesAfanasiev, A.A.; Pogonin, A.A.
2018Improving efficiency of polystyrene concrete production with composite bindersLesovik, R. V.; Ageeva, M. S.; Lesovik, G. A.; Sopin, D. M.; Kazlitina, O. V.; Mitrokhina, A. A.
2017Increasing efficiency of composite thermal insulation foam concretesLesovik, V.S.; Vorontsov, V.M.; Glagolev, E.S.; Voronov, V.V.; Volodchenko, A.A.; Pomochnicov, D.D.
2018Increasing of heat exchange efficiency in clinker refrigeratorKonovalov, V.M.; Kulakov, A.A.; Leetovchenko, A.V.; Goncharov, A.A.