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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Economic Diagnostics in Environment of Staticized Relationship MarketingSchetinina, E. D.; Kochina, S. K.
2018Economic Feasibity of Ventilation Cleaning Emissions in Underground ParkingsIl’ina, T. N.; Isaeva, V. V.
2018Effect of morphology of raw resources of the north caucasus, used in the production of astringent low water requirements, on the strength characteristics of fiber-reinforced concreteDrokov, A. V.; Kurbatov, V. L.
2017Effect of parametes of production process of photocatalytic coatings on bactericidal propertyVasilenko, M. I.; Goncharova, E. N.; Rubanov, Y. K.; Tokach, Y. E.; Nartsev, V. M.
2017Effective composite bindersAlfimova, N. I.; Gridchin, A. M.; Glagolev, E. S.; Lesovik, R. V.; Levchenko, O. V.; Pirieva, S. I.
2017Effective composites employing fast-nardening gypsum cement binders for additive manufacturingChernysheva, N. V.; Glagolev, E. S.; Lesovik, V. S.; Volodchenko, A. A.; Drebezgova, M. Y.
2018Effective heat-insulating solutionsZagorodnuk, L. Kh.; Sumskoy, D. A.; Chepenko, A. S.
2018Efficiency of dust separating devices in ventilation emission cleaning systemsSheremet, E. O.; Seminenko, A. S.; Gol'tsov, A. B.; Podporinov, B. F.
2018Electric field effect on variable-range hopping conductivity in Bi1.9Lu0.1Te3Ivanova, O.; Yaprintsev, M.; Danshina, E.
2018Electrokinetic phenomena accompanying treatment of soy milk production wastewater by agent based on electric arc furnace dustSverguzova, S. V.; Sapronova, Zh. A.; Svyatchenko, A. V.
2017Enhancement of operating efficiency of grinding equipmentRomanovich, A. A.; Romanovich, M. A.
2018Enhancing wear resistance of working bodies of grinder through lining crushed materialRomanovich, A. A.; Annenko, D. M.; Romanovich, M. A.; Apukhtina, I. V.
2018Estimation of two- and three-stage vibration device's parameters with asymmetric oscillations in terms of system's dynamic factorGerasimov, M. D.; Mkrtychev, O. V.; Gorshkov, P. S.
2018Evtushenko E I Materices of radiation-protective composites using bismuth oxideYashkina, S. Yu.; Doroganov, V. A.; Loktionov, V. A.; Trepalina, Yu. N.
2018Experimental investigation on interaction of wave disk generator with flexible gearStrelnikov, V. N.; Sukov, M. G.
2018Experimental studies of two-stage centrifugal dust concentratorVechkanova, M. V.; Fadin, Yu. M.; Ovsyannikov, Yu. G.
2017Experimental Study of Actual Operation of Plastic Tube Concrete ConstructionsDolzhenko, A.; Shevchenko, A.; Naumov, A.; Kara, K.
2018Features of Determining Criteria of Similarity for Frequency of Electric DrivesAverbukh, M. A .; Khvorostenko, S. V.
2017Features of structural formation and properties of technogenic raw materials in construction material productionRubanov, Y. K.; Tokach, Y. E.; Evtushenko, E. I.
2018Fine-grain concrete from mining waste for monolithic constructionLesovik, R. V.; Ageeva, M. S.; Lesovik, G. A.; Sopin, D. M.; Kazlitina, O. V.; Mitrokhin, A. A.