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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Aspects of transport system management within mining complex using information and telecommunication systemsSemykina, A. S.; Zagorodniy, N. A.; Konev, A. A.; Duganova, E. V.
2018Asphalt concrete modified by rubber crumbs in transport constructionDuhovny, G. S.; Karpenko, A. V.
2017Assesment of Costs for Utilization of Amorphous Magnesite By-Products in Complex ProductionDomozhirova, O. V.; Slabinskaya, I. A.
2017Assessment of progressive collapse of operated buildings and structures based upon structural damageLesovik, R. V.; Merkulov, S. I.; Tatarenkov, A. I.
2017Assessment of the integration climate of countries as a tool for the formation of strategic business partnershipsStarikova, M. S.; Kamyshanchenko, E. N.; Luksha, I. M.; Rastopchina, Y. L.; Kovaleva, E. I.
2018Attenuation of Neutron and Gamma Radiation by a Composite Material Based on Modified Titanium Hydride with a Varied Boron ContentYastrebinskii, R. N.
2017Automation of component selection of ball-bearing support of drilling bitChetverikov, B. S.; Chepchurov, M. S.; Teterina, I. A.
2018Bearing capacity and rigidity of short plastic-concrete-tubal vertical columns under transverse loadDolzhenko, A. V.; Naumov, A. E.; Shevchenko, A. E.
2018Building Information Model: advantages, tools and adoption efficiencyAbakumov, R. G.; Naumov, A. E.
2019Business and Power: Problems of Relationships in RussiaMoiseev, V. V.; Sudorgin, O. A.; Nitsevich, V. F.; Stroev, V. V.
2018Calculation of capacity reduced to create directed movement of slant materials in press roll unitRomanovich, A. A.; Romanovich, M. A.; Chekhovskoy, E. I.
2018Calculation of energy costs of composite biomass stirring at biogas stationsSuslov, D. Yu.; Temnikov, D. O.
2017Calculation of fixing element of metal-polymeric mold-forming surface of mold in metal cageLubimyi, N. S.; Chepchurov, M. S.; Voronenko, V. P.; Evtushenko, E. I.
2018Carbonate-containing precipitate of sugar production from sugar beet as filler for polymer concreteSapronova, Zh.; Sverguzova, S.; Fomina, E.; Fokina, E.
2017Civil activism in local communities: motivation of participance, performance and resource relationshipShavyrina, I. V.; Reutov, E. V.; Reutova, M. N.; Demenenko, I. A.
2019Comparative Integrated Assessment and Rating of Stability of Functioning of Belgorod Region Food Industry Enterprises throughout 2016Slabinskaya, I. A.; Benderskaya, O. B.
2017Competitiveness management mechanism of industrial enterprise under conditions of import substitution policyShchetinina, E. D.; Ponomareva, T. N.; Dubino, N. I.; Dubrovina, T. A..
2018Complex modeling of technological processes in pneumatic mixers for the production of dry construction mixturesOrekhova, T. N.; Nosov, O. A.; Prokopenko, V. S.; Kachaev, A. E.
2017Complex study of modified binder propertiesNelubova, V. V.; Singh, L. P.; Pengkun, Hou; Bondarenko, D. O.; Strokova, V. V.; Netsvet, D. D.
2018Composite Gypsum Binders with Silica-containing AdditivesChernysheva, N. V.; Lesovik, V. S.; Drebezgova, M. Yu.; Shatalova, S. V.; Alaskhanov, A. H.