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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Influence of reactive fillers on concrete corrosion resistanceRakhimbayev, Sh. M.; Tolypina, N. M.; Khakhaleva, E. N.
2017Intensification of synthesis processes of clinker minerals in presence of coal-alkaline additiveBushueva, N. P.; Panova, O. A.; Besedin, P. V.
2017Intensity enhancement of heat exchange in shell-tube heat exchangers with smooth pipesKushchev, L.; Nikulin, N.; Yakovlev, E.; Feoktistov, A.; Alifanova, A.
2018Investigation of Landfill Gas Output from Municipal Solid Waste at the PolygonTrubaev, P. A.; Verevkin, O. V.; Grishko, B. M.; Tarasyuk, P. N.; Schekin, I. I.; Suslov, D. Yu.; Ramazanov, R. S.
2018Investigation of methods and equipment for compaction of composite mixtures during their granulationShkarpetkin, E. A.; Osokin, A. V.; Sabaev, V. G.
2018Investigation of methods for calculating duration of light-signal regulation cycleDorokhin, S. V.; Novikov, A. N.; Zelikov, V. A.; Strukov, Y. V.
2018Investigation of the Algorithm Optimization of Electric Power Regimes According to Voltage and Reactive Power With the use of Penalty Functions MethodVolovikov, A. A.; Yudin, A. A.
2019Investment and Innovative Component of Strategic Development of the Region (on the Example of the Belgorod Region)Troshin, A. S.; Kupriyanov, S. V.; Sandu, I. S.
2019Iron-Containing Modeled Waste as Raw Material for Coagulant ReceivingSvergusova, S. V.; Sapronova, Zh. A.; Svyatchenko, A. V.; Rymarov, A. G.; Fomina, E. V.
2018Issues of planning trajectory of parallel robots taking into account zones of singularityRybak, L. A.; Khalapyan, S. Y.; Gaponenko, E. V.
2018Kinematical simulation of robotic complex operation for implementing full-scale additive technologies of high-end materials, composites, structures, and buildingsAntsiferov, S. I.; Eltsov, M. Iu.; Khakhalev, P. A.
2018Kinetic parameters of grinding media in ball mills with various liner design and mill speed based on DEM modelingKhakhalev, P. A.; Bogdanov, V. S.; Kovshechenko, V. M.
2018Kinetics of process of product separation in closed system with recirculationProkopenko, V. S.; Orekhova, T. N.; Goncharov, E. I.; Odobesko, I. A.
2019Lean-лидерство в бережливых производствахЦелютина, Т. В.; Авилова, Ж. Н.
2016-10Lower-level communication line analysis of automated dispatch control systems of distributed facilitiesBelousov, A; Koshlich, Y; Grebenik, A; Gvozdevskiy, I
2018Mathematical Model of Estimation of the Quality of the Application of the Cylinder-piston Group of Thermal Diesels on the Criteria for the Stabilization of Fuel Consumption at the Real Time of Factory Tube TestsZonov, V. D.; Kozhevnikov, V. P.
2018Mathematical model of process of loading of easy-deformable object on buffer layerNosov O. A., Tkachenko E. S.; Tolstolutskiy S. M.
2018Mathematical modeling of load's movement in lifter of intramill recirculation device inside tubular millLatyshev, S. S.; Voronov, V. V.; Bogdanov, V. S.; Fadin, Y. M.; Bazhanova, O. I.; Maslovskaya, A. N.
2018Method of fuzzy inference for one class of MISO-structure systems with non-singleton inputsSinuk, V. G.; Panchenko, M. V.
2018Methodology of Assessment and Analysis of Regional Competitiveness Based on the Evolutionary TheorySchetinina, E. D.; Starikova, M. S.; Schetinina, E. A.; Solovev, D. B.