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dc.contributor.authorAverbukh, M. A .-
dc.contributor.authorKhvorostenko, S. V.-
dc.descriptionAverbukh M. A. Features of Determining Criteria of Similarity for Frequency of Electric Drives / M. A. Averbukh, S. V. Khvorostenko // IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics. - 2018. - Vol.1066. - 012009.ru_RU
dc.description.abstractThe article describes the application of the similarity theory for a frequency-driven elec-tric drive that allows the results of an exploratory model to be transferred to an object of similarity. At large industrial enterprises a large number of such electric drives of various designations are used, the experimental study of which is impossible to assess the impact on the technological pro-cess or the research is difficult due to the fulfilment of the technological task. For this it is neces-sary, on the basis of the π-theorem, to compile similarity criteria for power drives of different fre-quency, which are used in research and applied in an industrial enterprise.ru_RU
dc.publisherIOP Publishingru_RU
dc.subjectIOP Publishingru_RU
dc.titleFeatures of Determining Criteria of Similarity for Frequency of Electric Drivesru_RU
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